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Due to scheduling conflicts and to accommodate the demand our Digital Marketing Savvy Seminar will be re-scheduled. Sign up below to receive all the details as they develop.

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Draper Digital Media Presents

Digital Marketing Savvy Seminar

July 30th or July 31st

Hampton Inn, Naylor Mill Road, Salisbury, MD
9:00 a.m. to Noon
Drinks and Snacks Provided | Reservations are limited.

Register online.

$25 per person
Everyone registered is eligible to
enter a drawing to win a free iPad.

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About the Event

SEO, SEM, CPL, CPA, PPC, CTR’s, E-I, E-I, OH, boy! Ever feel like digital marketing is just one confusing bowl of alphabet soup? Do you worry about missing out on the unique opportunities the web has to offer for driving marketing that works? Or that social media is a taboo that everyone is doing but you?

Join Draper Digital Media and two very special, nationally-regarded guest speakers as we cut through the digital mumbo jumbo to make it as easy as A, B, C!

We'll cover

  • What portion of your marketing spending should be digital.
  • How much your competitors are spending on their digital marketing.
  • What is everyone else doing and should you be doing it, too?
  • Digital marketing, do I have to?
  • How to avoid social media sabotage.
  • Using the right tools to make you a digital marketing super star.
  • Measuring results: what counts.
  • What are the best ways to reach local customers online.
  • How to feed the social media beast.
  • Assets vs. advertising, do you know the difference.
  • What’s a good mobile strategy? Do I need an app and a site?
  • SMS – what’s it good for?
  • Mobile advertising made simple. Yes. Really.
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But Wait, There’s More…!

  • Attendees will have unique access to thousands of dollars worth of competitive data on their industry category on everything from digital media usage to your competition’s advertising money expenditures. We have over 100 different industry categories available!
  • You can sign up for a free analysis to receive a rating score for your business’s online presence! You’ll see where you are succeeding or need improvement.
  • Win an iPad! Don't forget to bring your business cards. All registered attendees can drop their business cards in a fish bowl for a drawing to win a free iPad.


Gordon Borrell


Borrell Associates

Brooke Knight Warner

Vice President | General Manager

WBOC Interactive | Draper Digital Media

Derrick DeCarlo

Vice President

LSN Mobile